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Keep your hat on. We may end up miles from here.

    Until fairly recently, it seemed like this was impossibly far away. I cleaned my desk, have check marks on all the right forms, and my things are all in boxes. It is time to move on! I am

Presentations by our group at AGU in San Francisco!

If you will be in San Francisco for AGU next week, be sure to check out some of the presentations by or involving those in our group. MONDAY H11D-1178 Comparison of methods for determining the hydrologic recovery time after forest

Where does the water go?

Hydrology isn’t always fun and games, but in this case it is. The watershed hydrology lab at Virginia Tech and the WC (Virginia Water Resources Research Center) bring you “Where does the water go?”. We wrote and rehearsed this song

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Snow Melt Sampling at Hubbard Brook

I have been up in New Hampshire preparing to do some snow melt sampling since late February. Initially I was hoping to get prepared, attend a catchment science meeting in Hawaii, and then return to sample. The weather, however, had

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Water, water, everywhere!

There I was, checking the weather forecast for the last few days of my field season, writing in dismay on the blog that I would return home with no storm samples. (See the post below) The forecast had been the

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Salty slugs. or: Thanks Bridget!

It is hard to believe that the summer field season is almost over here at Hubbard Brook.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Whether believable or not, the summer is just about gone, so we’ll be saying goodbye to

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Breaking records in Watershed 3

The field season is well underway up here at Hubbard Brook.  Cody is finished with his total station surveys and has moved in to characterizing soils, while I have been installing lysimeters and otherwise preparing for a big storm sampling

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Greetings from Utrecht!

Earlier this year I was awarded a grant from the INTERFACE network based at Purdue University to travel to Utrecht in the Netherlands to work with Dr. Karin Rebel on an ecohydrological model. The grant is aimed at facilitating collaborative

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Our lab group featured in local breakfast spot review!

This tuesday morning at our weekly meeting over coffee at the London Underground Pub, (which now offers some tasty coffee and breakfast) a photographer from the local paper asked if we minded being photographed for a review he was writing.  We

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Fall Hubbard Brook Hydropedology Meeting

On Thursday afternoon our weekend was full of promise as Cody, Kevin, and I approached the airline check-in counter.  We were flying to Hubbard Brook to meet with everyone on the hydropedology project for a day of meetings and then

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