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Drilling through glacial till at Hubbard Brook

Today we drilled 5.5 meters through glacial till and didn’t hit bedrock.  What a blast!  It was our first experience with our new Shaw Drill, and even though it rained, we drilled all day long.  We selected a location along

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Water, water, everywhere!

There I was, checking the weather forecast for the last few days of my field season, writing in dismay on the blog that I would return home with no storm samples. (See the post below) The forecast had been the

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Forest Roads and Sediment Project at the Reynolds Homestead: Field Work Update, Summer 2012

We are nearly two-thirds of the way finished with rainfall simulation experiments to measure sediment delivery from forest road approaches to stream crossings at the Reynolds Homestead. We have been doing three rainfall simulation experiments at intensities ranging from 20

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Breaking records in Watershed 3

The field season is well underway up here at Hubbard Brook.  Cody is finished with his total station surveys and has moved in to characterizing soils, while I have been installing lysimeters and otherwise preparing for a big storm sampling

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Summer Field Season at Hubbard Brook Begins

  JP and I will be living in New Hampshire this summer as we conduct field work for our graduate research projects. I was the first to arrive at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest last Thursday evening. The weather forecast

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Project update: Spring break ground-penetrating radar & REU

About a month ago, JP and Cody drove up to Hubbard Brook to spend their spring break running a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey in Watershed 3 to estimate depth to bedrock and glacial till thickness.  Both JP and Cody’s projects

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Another undergraduate research program opportunity!

Another REU opportunity! I am also participating in an REU program based at Virginia Tech. It’s an interdisciplinary program with a focus on the local Blacksburg watershed. The program is called Dynamics of Water and Societal Systems: An Interdisciplineary Research

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Hillslope hydrology undergraduate research opportunity at Hubbard Brook

The National Science Foundation is funding two REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) positions at Hubbard Brook this summer as part of the Long Term Ecological Research program (see the HBRF webpage for details or our opportunities webpage) ($5000 stipend for the

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Forest roads and sediment project: Field work update – first rainfall simulation experiment

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Brian Morris, AJ Lang, and I performed our first rainfall simulation experiments on a freshly re-opened forest road approach to a stream crossing at the Reynolds Homestead. I had been looking forward to this day

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Fall Hubbard Brook Hydropedology Meeting

On Thursday afternoon our weekend was full of promise as Cody, Kevin, and I approached the airline check-in counter.  We were flying to Hubbard Brook to meet with everyone on the hydropedology project for a day of meetings and then

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