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Here is a list of our AGU 2018 presentations

Transit Time Distributions on a Boreal Catchment Using a 14 Year Data Time Series, H13J-1867 Monday, 10 December 2018, 13:40 – 18:00 Decoupled Water and Nitrate Transport Downslope and across the Terrestrial-Aquatic Interface, B24A-02  Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 16:15 – 16:30 Quantifying

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2015 AGU presentations

Here are the AGU presentation titles from the group this year: Carrie Jensen and Kevin McGuire, Active Stream Length Dynamics in Headwater Catchments Spanning Physiographic Provinces in the Appalachian Highlands, H11E-1385, Monday Morning, Moscone South – Poster Hall Scott Bailey, Kevin McGuire, Don

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AGU 2014…check out this session on tracers!

McGuire is co-convening a session with Josie Geris, Daniele Penna, and Julian Klaus called “New Developments in Tracer Applications in Catchment Hydrology.”  If you are attending the meeting next week, please come to our session.  The program is available below: Papers – Tuesday, Moscone

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2014 AGU presentations

Here are the AGU presentation titles from the group this year: Benettin, P., Kirchner, J., McGuire, K., Rinaldo, A., Botter, G., 2014. Linking tracers and travel time distributions: the emergence of age mixing patterns, Abstract H21L-01, Fall Meeting, AGU, Dec.

Commentary on US-Japan Joint Seminar

A short paper summarizing the US-Japan Joint Seminar that we held last March was accepted for publication in Hydrological Processes.  The paper describes the intent and outcomes of the workshop, which focused on linkages between hydrology and biogeochemistry in forested

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US-Japan meeting photos

Here is a link to some photos from the US-Japan meeting we had last week:

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US-Japan Joint meeting

I had a great week with colleagues from the US and Japan at the 4th US-Japan Joint meeting on hydrology.  We had a productive week that set us on course for some cross-site synthesis research and paper writing.  Thank you

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Ready for Hawaii: US-Japan Joint Seminar

The US-Japan Joint Seminar on Catchment Hydrology and Forest Biogeochemistry is next week.  We’re ready for it!  The revised program is posted and it looks to be an exciting week.  Stay tuned and we’ll update you on the outcomes.

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Winter Coweeta visit

  We had a great meeting this week at the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab.  Rhett Jackson organized this photo of the hydrologists at the meeting.  It is really amazing to think of the rich research history of this place and what

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US-Japan Joint Seminar on Catchment Hydrology and Forest Biogeochemistry

We now have the green light to move forward on our US-Japan Joint Seminar in March on Catchment Hydrology and Forest Biogeochemistry.  The purpose of the US-Japan Joint Seminar is to examine similarities and differences in catchment science research and to synthesize work

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