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New paper published on erosion modeling on forest roads

Kris Brown had another paper published.  The study evaluated the model Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) in predicting event-based sediment yield and runoff for a series of rainfall experiments on six stream-crossing sections of forest roads with different intensities of best management practices.  For

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Forest road gravel cover and reduced sediment delivery to stream crossings paper accepted

Kris Brown’s paper on “the effect of increasing gravel cover on forest roads for reduced sediment delivery to stream crossings” was accepted this week in Hydrological Processes. Abstract Direct sediment inputs from forest roads at stream crossings are a major

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Kris Brown published his first journal paper: sediment delivery from forest roads at stream crossings

Kris Brown had his first journal article accepted this week in Forest Ecology and Management.  Congrats Kris!! Abstract: Forest road stream crossing approaches, or the section of road immediately adjacent to the stream crossing, represent primary sources and nearly direct pathways

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Review article on forest operations and sediment in the Piedmont by Kris Brown

Proceedings from the 18th Central Hardwood Forest Conference in 2012 were published this week.  Kris Brown has a nice review paper in the proceedings that documents BMP implementation and effectiveness for water quality protection associated with forest roads and skid trails,

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Kris Brown wins best student presentation

  Kris Brown attended the 17th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference in Shreveport, LA last week and won a best student presentation award.  Congratulations Kris!

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Water, water, everywhere!

There I was, checking the weather forecast for the last few days of my field season, writing in dismay on the blog that I would return home with no storm samples. (See the post below) The forecast had been the

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Forest Roads and Sediment Project at the Reynolds Homestead: Field Work Update, Summer 2012

We are nearly two-thirds of the way finished with rainfall simulation experiments to measure sediment delivery from forest road approaches to stream crossings at the Reynolds Homestead. We have been doing three rainfall simulation experiments at intensities ranging from 20

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Forest roads and sediment project: Field work update – first rainfall simulation experiment

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Brian Morris, AJ Lang, and I performed our first rainfall simulation experiments on a freshly re-opened forest road approach to a stream crossing at the Reynolds Homestead. I had been looking forward to this day

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Forest roads and sediment project: Field work update – dirtbag connection

Today I finished work on connecting sediment collection bags (aka Dirtbags) on six road approaches to stream crossings at the Reynolds Homestead Forest Resources Research Center. Rainfall simulations will be conducted on these sites to measure surface runoff, infiltration, and

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